Editing bannerOK, so Primrose Language Editing provides scientific language editing for researchers around the world, but what exactly does that mean?

A proofreader will make sure your text is grammatically correct and free of typos. Scientific language editors take this to the next level, using their knowledge of research to improve the logical flow of the text, strengthen your arguments and make discipline-specific suggestions to help you get your ideas across.

Quality scientific language editors will even take this a step further, offering journal-specific manuscript formatting, word count reductions, figure checks and expert-level editing from a PhD-qualified scientist (of course, we offer all of this and more!).


So what can I expect from my scientific language editor?

The quality and skill of scientific language editors can vary a lot, so we’ll describe what you can expect from Primrose Language Editing and other high-quality companies.

Tracked changes

Editors take pride in making every manuscript as close to perfect as possible, so don’t be disheartened if you open your edited file to face a wall of red text. We edit using Tracked Changes, which allows you to go through and accept or reject each change in turn. Each change will be highlighted in coloured text, as you can see below.

Journal-specific editing

If you specify where you’re aiming to publish your work, your editor will check the Author Guidelines of your target journal. These usually specify a maximum length for both the manuscript and the abstract, state any style requirements (for example, whether the Methods come after the Introduction or at the end of the paper, and whether the Abstract should be structured with headings), specify a preferred citation style, and often mention whether U.S. English, British English or another style should be used. Scientific language editors will ensure your manuscript meets these requirements to give it the best chance of being accepted for publication.

Discipline-specific editing

Scientific language editors apply their discipline-specific knowledge to edit your text in a way others can’t. For example, scientific editors know which aspects of a particular technique must be described in the methods and understand what you mean by specialist words and phrases. If you’ve ever asked a friend or relative outside your field to read your work, you’ll understand how important this can be!

Specialist knowledge means scientific language editors can also help you get your ideas across in a clear and concise manner. Scientific editors can suggest ways to make your figures clearer or reduce your word count while highlighting your important discoveries.

Complete confidentiality

Like all good editors, scientific language editors take absolute care to ensure that your work remains confidential. We understand the importance of keeping your work private until you are ready to share it with the world.


What happens after editing?

Your edited document

Your file will have been edited using the Tracked Changes function in MS Word, with Comments providing more information or queries from the editor. I’d recommend going through each of the Comments first because accepting or rejecting the Tracked Changes may cause some of the comments to disappear.

Further assistance

You may want to make further changes to your text, perhaps in response to a comment or query from your editor. While some companies will charge you for a second edit of your manuscript, Primrose Language Editing includes a second edit of these changes as part of our service.

Certificate of editing

Once you’re happy with your edited document, most editing companies will provide you with a certificate of editing if required. Just ask if you need one.

Complete satisfaction

Quality scientific language editors will work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final version of your document.


With Primrose Language Editing, premium editing is included as standard. For more on our services, check out our Services page, or submit your manuscript for a free no-obligation quote!