TypingIf you’re taking part in Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo), congratulations on being halfway through the challenge! After working so hard for the first two weeks, you might be losing your initial enthusiasm. Don’t worry though, because we’ve put together this list of tips to help you stay motivated to accomplish your goals!

Tips to stay motivated for AcWriMo

1. Add a “free-writing” session

Take 15 minutes at the start of each writing day to write without thinking. Don’t try to make it perfect, or even interesting! You might end up writing about a dream you had, your plans for a vacation, your morning commute, or simply describing the room you’re in. Turn off your inner editor and just start typing to switch your brain to writing mode.

2. Writer’s block? What have you missed?

AcWriMo is about getting words on paper (or your screen), but if you find yourself struggling with writer’s block try reading through what you’ve written so far. You’ll probably find yourself asking “how does this link to that?” or perhaps realising you’ve missed something. Instead of adding new paragraphs, spend a session rounding out what you’ve done so far. You might also find this distraction will help you work out what you want to say next!

3. Get out of the office

If your stuffy office and noisy coworkers are making it difficult to concentrate, take yourself out for coffee or perhaps work from home if this is an option for you. The change of surroundings may be just what you need to get your mind thinking in new ways.

4. Add writing rewards

The end of the month still feels a long way off, so set up a reward system to keep yourself motivated. Break your goal down into small chunks and allocate a small reward to each milestone. Whether it’s a day away from the computer or a well-deserved chocolate bar, pick something you can look forward to.

5. Celebrate your achievements

It’s been five hours and you’ve only written 179 words. Instead of feeling disheartened, tally up your total for the whole month so far. You’ve probably written far more than you normally would in such a short period of time, so take a few moments to celebrate your success! Why not jump on Twitter and announce your achievements using the hashtag #AcWriMo? (Check out our recent blog post on finding your AcWriMo community!)

6. Just write something

This is just a first draft. The point of AcWriMo is to get your ideas down, so leave the editing to December! Remember, the worst thing you write is better than the best thing you did not write.


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